Synchronicity Expert, Bill White is pleased to offer personal and comprehensive synchronicity coaching. These coaching sessions address your need for finding meaning and purpose in your life and stress integration and discernment of the messages sent to you from the Universe, guiding you to your personal destiny.

In a typical session, Bill will find out what events are taking place in your life and help you to discover the synchronicities you may not have even noticed. He will then assist you in interpreting them into a path of action. You will be taught a basic framework for communication with the Universe or “higher intelligence” with source materials, suggested reading lists and personal instruction.

If you have a degree of success in your life, however, don’t feel like you are fully engaged in a passionate, meaningful existence, Bill can help you to achieve it.

*Please note- Space is limited and this is a personal 1 on 1 experience with Synchronicity Expert, Bill White.

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