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Coincidences can at times seem or even actually be miraculous. Who can deny the miracle of an unsuspected check the day before a foreclosure? Is it a small miracle when you meet the man or woman of your dreams after having literally dreamed of them months before? What do we make of these miraculous coincidences? Is it pure chance? Luck? Fate?

I’m tempted to push an old slogan from Budweiser, “why ask why?” Having studied this type of phenomena for decades I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and yet having been raised by both a mother who exhibited incredible intuition and a father who was more practical than MacGyver, I’ve learned that no “miracle” has any lasting significance unless it is intrinsically practical.

When I was a preteen, I hung around a man who was perhaps the most “magical” person I’d ever met. He said and did things that almost constantly defied rational explanation. I’ll give you an example. One weekend I stopped by his apartment with another friend of mine. Shortly after, my friend and I stopped to pick up my ex-girlfriend Lisa. We hung out with her for a little while. Then I went with my friend to the ocean front. We stopped on the way at his aunt’s house where we were going to crash for the evening. It turned out that his sister had a friend spending the night as well. Driving on the ocean front as we often did during the weekends in Virginia Beach, we noticed a van following us. Getting a little uncomfortable with the situation, we pulled off of Atlantic Avenue and went past Pacific, Arctic, Baltic before the van pulled up beside us. Two girls were inside and the one speaking to me invited us to a party. We were turned away at the party but not before this girl, Lisa gave me her number and said we should go out. Getting tired for the evening we returned to my friend’s Aunt’s house. Not much longer after my friend went upstairs to sleep. I sat on the couch watching tv with my friend’s sister’s friend, Lisa and before I knew it, we were making out.

A week later I returned to the “magic man’s” apartment. I’d not seen him in a week, and my other buddy wouldn’t go there by himself. He turned to me and smiled when he asked me, “So how did you enjoy the weekend with the three Lisa’s?”

How’s that for a coincidence?

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