Let’s talk about love…

You know, I’m 45, and I think it’s been in the recent few years that I really “got it” on this whole love concept. And the truth is, I’m still learning all the time..and thank God, the Universe, the “all that is” whatever, for that, because you’re either growing or you’re dying, and I personally like to think that I’m still on the uphill part of the equation, though that’s another matter entirely. Back to love…do you think you get the concept really?

See, quite a lot of people get attraction, lust, infatuation…but love..that seems to be the elusive one. Granted, those who have an even relatively healthy relationship with their family might get it to an extent. Those who are good parents certainly get it in the context of their children. But I’m talking broader here….

Do you know what it’s like to appreciate the positive qualities in another human being to the point of being willing to do anything in your power to insure that you help them reach their potential? Do you know what it’s like to see that someone, know that someone, who would be your “ideal partner” and love them for who and what they are, regardless of any personal agenda, outcome, ulterior motive? Can you love them even if they love someone else? Can you love someone even if you aren’t attracted to them in that way? Would you kill or die to protect that person? Can you take your personal interests out of the equation enough to realize if they love someone else, that person is probably worthy of the same respect, and be a friend to them as well?
Can you feel the victory in supporting another person’s hopes, ambitions, dreams even if they don’t include you?

Can you think back to your ex-spouse or partner, and remember what it was that initially attracted you to them, and can you let your differences be water under the bridge…enough to wish for them a life, a new partnership, whatever it is that would fulfill them and genuinely wish that for them?

Can you embrace and live the concept of “agape” and love everyone, no matter how different they are, and hold a loving support for them in their endeavors? Can you love even those who are riddled with dispositions that may even seem to thwart your good mood, realizing that if they are in that head space, they are probably going through a personal hell that has absolutely nothing to do with you personally?

Think on these things…because I promise you, when you can answer yes to these questions, the Universe becomes a whole new paradise for you to explore, and the best thing is, when you learn to hold this kind of love, there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. And, there is a loving world, that you can feel the embrace of even if you retire to your bed alone each night. And best of all, there is a hope of a better tomorrow than the today you just laid your weary head down to sleep off.

When you realize that all things that present themselves to you, are just another opportunity to learn to accept and embrace in love, love is all there is..and that makes the Universe a wonderful place to be.

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